Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Make Money With No Website (For Beginners)

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Check out this epic video from Paul James.

In this vid he shows you how to make money using the Amazon Affiliate program and free traffic.

His method is simple:
1. Sign Up for Amazon Affiliate Program
2. Pick a Product
3. Create Youtube video
4. Drive traffic

Its actually a pretty simple system. It can apply to other affiliate products as well, if you can not use Amazon.

Lets watch this epic video. 🙂

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Aaaand cut! I’m hopeful that the video served you well. 🙂

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With that said, I see a lot of opportunity in creating this site. Just thought you might appreciate the truth.

I enjoy earning a bit of sponsorship revenues on the side, as I share awesome internet marketing videos with you. Hopefully, you’re cool with that.

As you can probably tell, I’m not one to pull punches. But let it be known… selling you stuff isn’t my goal here. If you see a product on this site that you think will help, that’d be great! But if this isn’t the case, then absolutely no hard feelings. You just being here is good enough for me. 🙂

I just want you and I to be able to “crack out” on some cool easy internet cash videos together! 😉

And that’s the purpose that Easy Income HQ serves. It’s pretty much a place where you can access tons of easy internet cash videos all under one roof. If you appreciate that, awesome! I hope to see you again. 😉

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